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Get to Know Us


Whether you're looking to capture a special moment with friends or family, commemorate a significant day or event, or craft your signature look to engage your clients, we're here to help you!


We're a collective of creatives who love to use the power of images to leave a positive imprint in the lives of all we encounter. At Fixed Focus, our goal is to empower you to Create Your Narrative.

Charlie Spencer

I'm Charlie, the principal photographer/videographer at Fixed Focus. 


At Fixed Focus Productions, our mission is to:



By showcasing your particular brand, culture, event, or impact in your field or community, we will help bolster your carefully-cultivated image to the masses with creativity and excellence in professionalism. 



We believe in harnessing the power of story told through moving images tailored to your unique narrative to effectively convey the heart of your mission as an entrepreneur, non-profit organization, public speaker, or small business owner.



We are passionate about creating emotional connections between your company and your target audience/consumer, and reinforcing those bonds with well-formed presentations of your vision that help lay the foundation of belief in the hearts and minds of your potential clients. 

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